Location: Colmar

Day 1 - 5 Jun 2022


Colmar, Colmar

Content: Let's spend the day in Colmar. I show you what we've seen in one day in this beautiful town in Alsace!

Bistrot Gourmand

Colmar, Bistrot Gourmand

Content: First, let's have lunch since we came by car, we parked the car next to the ibis Hotel and headed on foot (about 5 minutes) into the center. The restaurant is good, not excellent though ... But it has warm cuisine all day round!

Collégiale Saint-Martin

Colmar, Collégiale Saint-Martin
Colmar, Collégiale Saint-Martin
Colmar, Collégiale Saint-Martin

Content: Let's start to explore the beautiful streets of Comar. The typical half timbered houses and canals are looking gorgeous!

Parking Montagne Vert

Colmar, Parking Montagne Vert
Colmar, Parking Montagne Vert
Colmar, Parking Montagne Vert

Content: Everyone know Petit Venise. But let's starts from outside the famous canals and walk into the center of petit Venise. Like that you get a different, wonderful perspective of the city!

Les Tanneurs

Colmar, Les Tanneurs
Colmar, Les Tanneurs

Content: First stop, the first bridge. Beautifully decorated with flowers and boats passing underneath it, it gives such beautiful photos!

Maison Alsacienne de Biscuiterie (Petite Venise)

Colmar, Maison Alsacienne de Biscuiterie (Petite Venise)

Content: Next stop, the second brigade. Yet another beautiful view through the canal and the half timbered houses on the left.

La Petite Venise

Colmar, La Petite Venise

Content: Probably the most crowded place in the city. But by waiting for the crowd to dissolve a bit and you get rewarded with this beautiful photo motive and views. There are also restaurants right next to the canal and this is the place you can book a boating tour.

Fontaine Roesselman

Colmar, Fontaine Roesselman

Content: Another wonderful square right behind Petit Venise. There are several cafes, ice cream stands and crêperies waiting for you!


Colmar, L'Arpège

Content: Speaking of crepe, this is the place we had crepes. This typical dessert is a must when being in France. The snack bar also serves sandwiches, ice creams and more. And speaking of food, of course you have to try the famous Tarte Flambé. It's the traditional food of Alsace! 😋

Statue de la Liberté

Colmar, Statue de la Liberté

Content: A bit North, outside the city, is this replica of the statue of liberty. It's actually an hommage to the Colmar born artist Auguste Bartholdi. It's in the middle of a roundabout and not that big though...🙈

Leon De Bruxelles

Colmar, Leon De Bruxelles

Content: Time to say goodbye. We head for dinner and then back home. Possible destinations for the next day that I really recommend are the following: Kaysersberg Riquewihr Eugisheim Have fun exploring! 😘