Location: Paris

Day 1 - 17 Jan 2022

Eiffel Tower (Tour Eiffel)

Paris, Eiffel Tower (Tour Eiffel)

Content: I spent my first morning walking all around Paris! Obviously stopped by the Eiffel Tower to get the touristy photos done. I didn’t climb it this time but definitely worth doing if it’s your first time in Paris!

Le Tiki Rose

Paris, Le Tiki Rose

Content: We spent happy hour at this adorable bar! Had one of the best drinks I’ve ever had here. Definitely touristy and instagrammable so prices are a little steep, but totally worth it!

Le Capitole

Paris, Le Capitole


Le Syndicat

Paris, Le Syndicat

Content: We found this hidden local bar to go to after dinner! Definitely recommend.

Location: Paris

Day 2 - 18 Jan 2022

Palais Garnier

Paris, Palais Garnier
Paris, Palais Garnier

Content: Went to the Garnier Palace this morning and explored the beautiful architecture. Tickets were affordable and so worth it! The library was my favorite room 😍 .

Terrasse des Galeries Lafayette

Paris, Terrasse des Galeries Lafayette

Content: Sunset tip - walk to the top of the Lafayette Galaries Mall! It’s free and has incredible views. The restaurant was closed while I was there but looked amazing.

Le Consulat

Paris, Le Consulat

Content: My favorite area of Paris by far was Montmartre. Unfortunately this famous restaurant was closed but the history of it is amazing! Definitely worth visiting.

Location: Paris

Day 3 - 19 Jan 2022

Louvre Museum

Paris, Louvre Museum
Paris, Louvre Museum
Paris, Louvre Museum

Content: Spent the morning at The Louvre and visited the lock/love bridge. They took most of the locks off because it was too heavy but it’s still such a special place. Got very lucky at The Louvre - it was practically empty since it was Covid times!

Métro La Motte-Picquet – Grenelle [6,8,10]

Paris, Métro La Motte-Picquet – Grenelle [6,8,10]

Content: Spent the afternoon alone walking around and exploring. Can’t recommend walking Paris - so safe during the day and you find the most amazing hidden spots! I went thrift shopping as well.

Le Hibou

Paris, Le Hibou

Content: Spent dinner/drinks at my friends restaurant Le Hibou. The drinks and food are so amazing and the service is great!

Location: Paris

Day 4 - 20 Jan 2022

Pink Mamma

Paris, Pink Mamma
Paris, Pink Mamma

Content: Highly recommend the famous Pink Mamma for brunch! Beautiful place with incredible food. I’ve heard you can spot celebrities pretty often!

The Abbey Bookshop

Paris, The Abbey Bookshop

Content: I’m a sucker for bookshops and this famous one was nothing short of incredible! Lots of English books as well.

Location: Paris

Day 5 - 21 Jan 2022

Café de Flore

Paris, Café de Flore

Content: Had to visit this famous cafe on my last morning! Another place people often spot celebrities. I struck up a conversation with a stranger next to me who ended up having an amazing life story to tell me.

Le Hibou

Paris, Le Hibou

Content: Another amazing dinner at le Hibou!

Il Gelato Del Marchese

Paris, Il Gelato Del Marchese

Content: Walked around all night exploring new bars for my last night! An amazing week of fitting lots in!