Location: Paris

Day 1 - 23 Jul 2021

Hotel du Cadran (Hôtel rue Cler Paris, Hotel Tour Eiffel Paris)

Paris, Hotel du Cadran (Hôtel rue Cler Paris, Hotel Tour Eiffel Paris)

Content: A wonderful hotel close to the Eiffel tower. We loved the little terrace in front of it to have a glass of wine and watch the people passing by.

Rue de l'Université

Paris, Rue de l'Université
Paris, Rue de l'Université

Content: To my opinion one of the cutest and most underrated viewpoints. You don't have a full view on the Tower but with the typical Parisian street and greens from the park, you can set up a beautiful frame to photograph the Eiffel tower.


Paris, Trocadéro

Content: The n°1 place to have the best view of the Eiffel Tower, but unfortunately also the most crowded one. If you want the place by yourself, you have to be there around sunrise I'm afraid.

Pizzeria Popolare

Paris, Pizzeria Popolare
Paris, Pizzeria Popolare

Content: They have good pizzas and cocktails 🍸 Don’t forget to go to the toilet 😉 it’s special!

Location: Paris

Day 2 - 24 Jul 2021


Paris, Sacré-Cœur

Content: Montmartre is personally one of my favorite areas in Paris. It has an artistic and charming vibe. You can wander around the streets for hours and immerse yourself in all the details. Must see is Basilique du Sacre Coeur, both on the outside ánd the inside. It's also a great point to start your tour around Montmartre with.

Moulin de la Galette

Paris, Moulin de la Galette

Content: We had breakfast at Le Moulin de la Galette. I would absolutely recommend this place if you want to go for Parisian breakfast: coffee & croissant ☕️🥐 It's a nice setting, not expensive and good!

Le Consulat

Paris, Le Consulat

Content: Go further to Place du Tertre with all the little cafés and watch artists at work. I wouldn't recommend to eat / drink here as it might be a bit overpriced. Go a little bit further down the small streets for that.

La Maison Rose

Paris, La Maison Rose

Content: A couple of famous landmarks in this area are: Le Consulat, La Maison Rose, The sinking house, Le mur des je t'aime (wall of love).

Duperré Playground

Paris, Duperré Playground

Content: Maxim is a basket player and we loved to check out this colorful basketball court 🏀


Paris, Tuilerieën

Content: After a full morning of walking around Montmartre we were feeling it in our legs and we were craving a Parisian lunch. Whats better than a baguette and some french cheese and charcuterie in les tuileries. The park is full of chairs you can move around. We put our chairs in the shade, made ourselves a baguette 🥖 and had a glass of wine aside. Just perfect!


Paris, Ippudo
Paris, Ippudo

Content: If you’re into Japanese cuisine or ramen bowls then you definitely have to try Ippudo. Not only the ramen are beyond delicious but also the starters! Personal favorites: takoyaki and the gyoza Ramen Karaka special Ever since, I am totally into Japanese streetfood


Paris, Louvre

Content: After dinner we went to the louvre for a view by night and some shooting.

Location: Paris

Day 3 - 25 Jul 2021

Notre Dame

Paris, Notre Dame

Content: On day 3 we explored parts of the city that we have seen multiple times. For example the Notre Dame. It’s still under construction when we were there, which is why we don’t have photos of it.

Café de Flore

Paris, Café de Flore
Paris, Café de Flore

Content: Is one of the oldest Parisian cafes and most known for its famous clientele. It is located in Saint-Germain-des-prés. This neighborhood has a lot of charm and many great restaurants are located in this district.

Arc de Triomphe

Paris, Arc de Triomphe

Content: Same here. The Arc de Triomphe was unfortunately u der construction. We didn’t know and planned a shoot here. Too bad it’ll be for another time🙈

Pont Alexandre III

Paris, Pont Alexandre III
Paris, Pont Alexandre III

Content: We shared a pizza in the park and had an evening walk towards our Hotel. That's when we came upon another beautiful viewpoint: Pont d'Alexandre. The most romantic spontaneous photos came out here 🥰