Location: Arquà Petrarca

Day 1 - 16 Mar 2022

Arquà Petrarca

Arquà Petrarca, Arquà Petrarca

Content: A town on a hill surrounded by a crown of hills is precisely Arquà Petrarca. A medieval village located in the Euganean Hills to which the image of Francesco Petrarca is associated. But what can you see in this village? - The stone wash houses and the Petrarca fountain. - The parish church of Santa Maria with its churchyard where you can see Petrarch's tomb. - Palazzo Contarini, a Gothic palace belonging to the famous Venetian patrician family. - The Strozzi House, home to exhibitions and cultural events. - The Loggia dei Vicari with its arches. - Petrarch's house, now a museum house. And finally, you could not miss a trip to the Arquà Enoteca, where you can savor local delicacies.