Location: Amsterdam

Day 1 - 17 Apr 2022

Fietsenstalling Rotterdam Centraal

Amsterdam, Fietsenstalling Rotterdam Centraal

Content: It's a nice one day trip from Amsterdam by using intercity train it takes around 1.15 hours and costs around 16 euros.

Location: Rotterdam

Day 1 - 17 Apr 2022


Rotterdam, Rotterdam

Content: When you first walked into the city the nature and the new building combination welcome you in.


Rotterdam, Grotekerkplein

Content: This Church is the oldest place that survives aftee Rotterdam bombing. It's around 15 minutes of walk from central station.


Rotterdam, Markthal

Content: Markethal has it's own architectural beauty and variety of good food combination inside of it. You can almost fine any cuisine by visiting here.


Rotterdam, Kijk-Kubus
Rotterdam, Kijk-Kubus
Rotterdam, Kijk-Kubus

Content: Cubic houses are around 25 minutes walking distance from central station and it has it's own architectural beauty.


Rotterdam, Kubuswoningen

Content: At the back of the Cubic House this amazing view welcomes us. There are also some nice restaurants around the water.