Location: Волгоград

Day 1 - 23 May 2021

Скорбящая Мать

Волгоград, Скорбящая Мать

Content: A grieving mother.How I wish that all over the world mothers did not mourn their lost sons and daughters. Here the music breaks the soul.And there is no one indifferent who would not bow his head in a bow to a Grieving mother.

Location: Волгоград

Day 4 - 26 May 2021

«Героям Сталинградской битвы» на Мамаевом Кургане

Волгоград, «Героям Сталинградской битвы» на Мамаевом Кургане

Content: The sculpture "Motherland calls!" is the compositional center of the monument-ensemble "To the Heroes of the Battle of Stalingrad" on Mamayev Kurgan in Volgograd.