Location: Cancún

Day 1 - 31 Jul 2021

Internationale Luchthaven van Cancún

Cancún, Internationale Luchthaven van Cancún

Content: We arrived at Cancun airport after a short but good flight from Mexico City. Right away Cancun felt very different from Mexico City and the airport was nice and organised.

Hotel Plaza Kokai

Cancún, Hotel Plaza Kokai

Content: We spend our night at Kokai hotel, which was great. The rooms are nice, there’s a small pool close to the lobby and the restaurant that was attached to the hotel was great for breakfast!

Mandala Beach Club

Cancún, Mandala Beach Club

Content: This place had great party vibes, every weekend there’s a DJ or other entertainment and when you order a bottle of something it gets delivered to you with a sparkler and dancers. If you want to have a good time with friends, I recommend going here!

Taqueria Coapenitos

Cancún, Taqueria Coapenitos

Content: One of the best places to get taco’s or quesadillas in Cancun or even Mexico! We loved to grab a bite here and enjoy an ice cold beer with it.

Cantina La 20 | Cancún

Cancún, Cantina La 20 | Cancún

Content: After we visited the mall for some quick shopping (lots of stores like Zara, Bershka, Pull&bear) we went for a drink here, since it’s close to the mall. The view over the water was amazing!

Alebris Bar

Cancún, Alebris Bar
Cancún, Alebris Bar

Content: This beachfront was amazing to have some relaxing times at the water, it wasn’t only beautiful; the food and drinks were great too! You’re also pretty close to some of the clubs in Cancun. Great place to have a slow start or to relax after a night out.

Abolengo Cancun

Cancún, Abolengo Cancun

Content: Great place to get some food in the middle of the hotel zone (we had the pizzas) and there’s a large menu with a lot of choice. Around nine the music got louder and there was a DJ to get the party started. You’re also very close to other clubs and bars, so it’s a good way to start your night out in Cancun.