Location: New York City

Day 1 - 8 Sep 2019

Mayfair Hotel

New York City, Mayfair Hotel

Content: After a long day of travel, Mayfair was everything I needed in a layover hotel. Located in the centre of Manhattan, walking distance to Times Square and Broadway. Room was small but it wasn’t an issue being a solo traveller. After checking out, they were able to hold my luggage free of charge and let me explore the city luggage free.

Times Square

New York City, Times Square

Content: Going with a bite or a drink and sitting on the red steps is an atmosphere to soak up. See the city hustle and bustle around you under the lights of Times Square.

Location: New York City

Day 2 - 9 Sep 2019

Top of The Rock

New York City, Top of The Rock

Content: After toying with deciding which building to go to (Empire State Building or Top of the Rock) I decided to go with Top of the Rock and it didn’t disappoint. You learn all about the history of the building and construction, plus photo opportunity before heading out to the viewing platform. The views are beautiful; Central Park on one side and downtown Manhattan views on the other with the views of Empire State Building and many other notable sights too!

Central Park

New York City, Central Park
New York City, Central Park
New York City, Central Park

Content: I found the best way to get around Central Park is via bike. I hired a bike for 3 hours and was able to bike and explore, stop and sit for lunch and not feel rushed. Perfect way of tiring myself out before a long flight back home.